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5 Things You Can Do to Protect the Environment Without Turning ...

If you’re anything like me, you woke on November 9, 2016 feeling like you’d been on a bender of collegiate proportions. Whatever your political leanings, the potential danger of a presidential administration filled with folks who’ve profited from Big Oil, Big Agriculture, and well, BIG climate change-denial is real. You’ve signed petitions, unloaded your rage on social media, and marched your heart out. They’re all fantastic routes to progress, but it’s important to remember that there are plenty of environmental solutions that start with our day-to-day behavior.

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Ashlee's Happy and Bright Chicago Apartment — House Call

Apartment Therapy: Eco-Lifestyle Expert, Ashlee Piper, shares how she curated her stylish, eco-friendly home on a budget and with entirely second-hand finds.

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Women's Health Magazine

Why Women Are Seeking a New Kind of Religious Experience

WH explores the bold frontier of spiritual fluidity....

How Going Green Can Help You Save Big on Your Food Budget

What is it about warmer weather that makes our wallets lighter, our pants tighter, and our virtuous dietary goals suddenly supplanted by ......

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6 Best Eco-Friendly Products for an Environmentally Friendly Home in 2016

Best Products / HEARST: Eco-Lifestyle Expert, Ashlee Piper, shares her picks for a green, clean home for Earth Day and beyond.

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Women's Health Magazine

9 Ways to Ditch Meat Cravings for Good

Women's Health: Eco-Lifestyle Expert and vegan, Ashlee Piper shares tips for enjoying the vegetarian life.

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The Closet Detox, Part 1: Why You Should Create A Capsule Wardrobe

The Chalkboard: When we want to clear our lives of clutter and be more sustainable, we turn to Ashlee Piper. Check out the 3-Part Closet Detox she created just for us.

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The Grown-Up's Playbook to Finding Your Purpose

Yes & Yes: Ashlee Piper gives you a comprehensive, grown-up playbook for leaving your job and planning for what's next.

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What Does "Cruelty-Free" Really Mean, Anyway?

Refinery29: We wanted to get the lowdown on animal testing in cosmetics today, so we turned to our resident animal-lover and beauty guru, Ashlee Piper, for the scoop.

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How To Spot Truly Cruelty-Free Beauty Products

Refinery29: Eco-Lifestyle Expert, Ashlee Piper, continues her 2-part expose on animal testing in cosmetics today, and why we should give a damn.

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It's Earth Month! Join Us For Our 30-Day Eco-Challenge - The Chalkboard

All month long we'll be featuring daily Earth Day tips. Do something good for the planet every day - it might just become a habit......

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10 Creepy Animal Ingredients Lurking in Your Cosmetics

Ashlee Piper, the lady beyond eco-conscious blog The Little Foxes, is a staunch supporter of cruelty-free living. But, even if you're not ready to adopt a vegan lifestyle, Ashlee's on hand for everything from spotting animal products in your shampoo to the best natural mascaras on the market....

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Vegetarian Times Magazine

6 Vegan + Eco-Friendly Shoes for Spring

With eco-cred so solid, you can skip, hop, and run for your commuter bus with a clear conscience....

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How Making My Wardrobe 37 Pieces Totally Changed My Life

While some people love their homes crammed with stuff and dream of a closet overflowing with hundreds of pairs of designer shoes, I’ve always found stress in a space and existence that’s cringing...

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Vegetarian Times Magazine

5 Cruelty-Free Hair Salons

Looking to update your ’do? We scoured the country for compassionate salons that not only work wonders on your coif, but also boast cruelty-free products and eco-friendly practices....